FIFA 11 | Leader: DO'B | Events: 1
FIFA Tournament

The plan is... mine from 7pm? Everyone nominates a team, team goes in the hat, teams then drawn out and allocated at random! League will be played over a season (home and away match - time dependant!!) on the shortest time setting, with the top four going into the knockout stages. Semis and Final played over longer time period?

Tournament following league and knockout stages. Shall we put an entry fee on? £5? Winner takes 75% runner up %25?

Nominated teams

  • Rosenborg (picked by Borg, nominated by Boy G)
  • Sweden (by picked by Woody, nominated by Sean)
  • Genk (Picked by Boy G, nominated by Effers)
  • China (Picked by Little Dave, nominated by Bald)
  • West Ham (picked by Bald, nominated by Woody)
  • Leeds (Picked by Effers, nominated by DOB)


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Long Jump

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High Jump

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110m Hurdles

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